The “EVOPAN SYSTEM” system consists of special single use impregnated cloths with certified cleansers and sanitizers. Our disposable TNT cloths are available in 2 practical buckets: EVOPAN MULTY for surfaces, glass and sanitary ware and EVOPAN FLOOR for “smooth” floors.

The TNT cloths are replaced with every environment, with one always NEW then perfectly safe from any kind of contamination: from OTHER ENVIRONMENTS, from

The cloths are packed in convenient rolls with central devolution and already folded in two parts to optimize the hygienic system of use and the speed of operations.
Each roll is individually packaged in practical open and close bags to guarantee the consistency of the packaging and the absence of external contamints.

All the pre-impregnated cloths of the EVOPAN SYSTEM system have successfully passed the UNI EN 13697 EUROPEAN STANDARD tests “… for the evaluation of the bactericidal and / or fungicidal activity of the disinfectants used in the food, industrial, domestic and institutional fields … ”

Pre-impregnation is already calibrated during production so the clothes are READY TO USE TO AVOID ANY ERROR of preparation by the operators or malfunctioning of dosing machines.

So the EVOPAN SYSTEM always guarantee the right application and safety of all users and all guests (without contaminating laundress and laundry with clothes full of bacteria and “dangerous” dirt).