BLUHSAN Perfumed and superconcentrated Sanitizing Deodorizing Disgregator. Ideal whenever you need to “dissolve” organic sewage, sanitizing and perfuming the surface. Suitable especially for chemical toilets.
PEACHSAN Specific scented sanitizing detergent to break down organic residues and eliminate the bacterial load on surfaces and inside tanks. Specific for gray water.
CHLORO TIC Kloril is bleach in effervescent tabs with a sanitising action that dissolves quickly in the water, freeing the chlorine. It can be used to sanitize and deodorise floors and tiles, bathroomsand toilets, drains, sinks, kitchen tools and Jacuzzis.Usable as a bleach and steriliser for hand washing,machine washing, dishwashers and to disinfect fruit and vegetables.
HYGIENBAC Sanitizing multi-surface cleaner ready to use with degreasing effect. Suitable in health, domestic, catering and recreational settings. Dry quickly without leaving streaks.
EVOQUAT LEMON Odourless and colourless sanitizing agent with a 4.0% concentration of ammonium quaternary salts. Ideal for sanitizing and cleaning surfaces, walls, machinery, transport means and fabrics. Lemon perfume.”
EVOCHLOR GEL Gel Chlorine-based sanitizing detergentl. Suitable for degreasing, sanitizing and bleaching surfaces and equipment. Eliminate bad smells.
SANYDEOH FIORI Aerosol spray deodorizer with sanitizing and anti-odor effect. Nebulised in the environment reduces the bacterial load thanks to the presence of quaternary ammonium salts.
DEOH LAVANDA High concentration Perfume deodorant for all environments. Very persistent.
DEOH LOTO High concentration Perfume deodorant for all environments. Very persistent.
SILICON MULTY Universal aerosol silicone spray. Lubricates and protects the rubber seals and spreads a water repellent veil for temporal wear on all surfaces where it is sprayed. 
NAVY STORM Professional product designed for deep cleaning of the hull of boats and inflatable boats. Its formula eliminates oxidations, dog’s teeth, mucilage, algae and limestone from the hull of the boat, hulls, propellers, axles, heat exchangers and boat sterns.
HEAVY Concentrated and buffered acid descaler for the removal of coarse calcareous deposits, effluorescences or bounces from resistant acid surfaces such as ceramic, stoneware, terracotta.
URAGANO Super concentrated unclogging product for all clogged drains. It acts by itself in just a few minutes without the need for any mechanical or manual intervention. PH:ACID
EVOKSAN AIR Sanitizing aerosol spray for the antimicrobial treatment of surfaces, environments, rooms and objects. Neutralises unpleasant odors sanitizing where it is laid.
WHIND Concentrated acid descaler specific for the removal of calcareous deposits and dirty fats from all acid-resistant surfaces. It is used on kitchen equipment, sanitary ware and the agri-food sector. HACCP SUITABLE